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About Us

Welcome to Pet Ape Dinner Theater. We are a music and art collective that emphasizes nature. Whether it's human or terrestrial, there is a way about the world that prioritizes natural instinct and that is reflected in our art as well as society as a whole. That's why we feel that PADT is the perfect affiliate of Wylin Out By Nature; it sets the stage for the stylistic fluidity and freedom WOBN lives by and unifies it through an artistic lens.

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Why We Exist

Founded by Chash, Pet Ape Dinner Theater aims to scratch an itch that he has had almost as long as he's been creating art: having a band. That goal has not yet been achieved, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. Pet Ape is designed to foster the creative freedom that many of today's upcoming artists lose along their journey. Whether it's due to a changing music consumption landscape, pressure to follow trends, or just a general struggle to find ways to make people care about their music, a lot of artists feel pressured to do what has worked for them in the past and to continue to conform to what's popular in the mainstream. Pet Ape seeks to negate that through the use of the veil of theater, with hopes to create and release projects efficiently and inspire people to get involved.

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